Experience & Expertise
elective course

Master course voor double talents

Starting November 2022, the Graduate School of Life Sciences has a new master course: the Experience and Expertise elective course (X&X course). This is a special course that has been developed specifically for and together with students with a somatic or mental chronic condition.


In this course, students with a chronic condition explore how they can use their experiential knowledge with their condition as a researcher. Their double talent can become an element of their career perspective. For example by participating as a patient representative in research. But their personal experiences can also contribute to their approach to (their own) research.

X&X course

In the X&X course master students explore different aspects of their double talent. They will come into contact with fellow students with similar and recognizable challenges and experiences. Thus, the X&X course not only builds on the knowledge of patient participation, but also towards a new professional and career perspective, and the personal growth of participants.

Audio portraits

Down here you can listen to the audio portraits of chronic double talents. These are based on the personal experiences of students who participated in the pilot for the X&X course.


This course has been developed together with a number of students with a chronic condition, lecturers, and researchers of the University Utrecht / UMCU and design agency Open Concept. The project is financed by Agis Innovation fund (Agis Innovatiefonds).