Meet the Matter Out Of Place Pouch

Meet the Matter Out Of Place Pouch

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What is MOOPP?
Dirt is matter out of place. With those words Mary Douglas proposed to look at ‘dirt’ (trash) with a different mindset and long preceded conception of the circular economy. How do you involve citizens with the issue of waste? This is what project MOOPP is about. Meet the Matter Out Of Place Pouch.

A MOOPP is a small pouch that can easily be attached to your bag or belt to stash little pieces of waste: packaging, cigarette buds or chewing gum. This waste can be your own, but MOOPP is particularly aimed at stimulating the wearer to “relocate” waste wandering around - matter out of place - to its designated place.

MOOPP is a concept to stimulate people to think circular about waste. As MOOPP is to be made according to Cradle 2 Cradle principles, it shows that waste does not exist, and to integrate the understanding that waste is matter out of place into daily lives.

MOOPP is a fashion item to stimulate users to become conscious caretakers of their environment. Wearing a MOOPP makes one automatically more aware of waste and what happens to it. What is more, seeing other MOOPP wearers in the city shows users that they are part of a community that cares about a clean and healthy world. Knowing that one is not alone in taking care strengthens people’s willingness to do their little bit in creating a cleaner world.

MOOPP is a symbol for being an optimistic global citizen. A MOOPP communicates that if everyone does their little bit in making the world a clean and healthy place, that together we are making it happen.

Interested in the MOOPP project? Mapije de Wit and Merel Maria Meessen are happy to talk with you. Or send us an email:

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